0% Alcohol Beer


Non - Alcoholic Wine


Mac's stunt double


Alcohol free golden ale


Fly over and take a nosedive into this bright and refreshing golden ale. Brewed to have less than 0.5% alcohol, you can enjoy all the stunts without being left on the runway.




Geisen Pinot Gris


Giesen 0% – New Zealand Pinot Gris is an alcohol-removed wine that everyone can enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Made from our premium, full-strength New Zealand wine, Giesen 0% keeps all the best qualities of Giesen Estate Pinot Gris.

Alcohol Volume - 0% 



Steinlager Zero


Steinlager Zero delivers a full flavour that is perfectly balanced with a dry, tangy finish and the crisp, clean bitterness that Steinlager drinkers know and love.

Alcohol Volume - 0% 



Edenvale Chardonnay


A well balanced, deliciously smooth Australian Chardonnay characterised by fresh fruit aromas, and flavours of stone fruits and hint of oak. Rich melon, citrus and apple flavours combined with some subtle oak characters add real complexity.

Alcohol Volume - 0% 



Geisen Merlot


Giesen 0% – New Zealand Merlot is an alcohol-removed wine that everyone can enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Made from the premium, full-strength New Zealand wine, Giesen 0% keeps all the best qualities of Giesen Estate Merlot. It’s aromatically expressive, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed.

Alcohol Volume - 0% 



Edenvale Pinot noir


With ripe red and dark fruit characters, hints of earthiness and a savoury complexity, this well-structured Premium Reserve Pinot Noir has flavours of perfectly ripe sweet cherry and mulberry fruit. The palate has fine interwoven tannins, delicate and yet intense in the mouth. Clean and rounded with a delightful juicy finish.

Alcohol Volume - 0% 



Low Alcohol Beer


Speight's Mid Ale

Brewed using Crystal, Caramalt and Chocolate malts, Speight's Mid Ale enjoys a smooth caramelised flavour and aroma, which is contrasted by the bitterness of Pacific Jade and Green Bullet hops. The finished product is a perfectly balanced, mid strength beer that's

still full of flavour.

Alcohol Volume - 2.5% 


Steinlager Pure Light

Steinlager Pure Light is brewed using the finest natural ingredients, uniquely crafted to create the distinctive taste and outstanding aroma of this exceptional premium lager beer. Traditional European brewing techniques, combining Green Bullet Hops and Crystal and Munich malts, deliver a distinctive, full flavoured taste. This extraordinary premium lager is

a true brewing innovation in low alcohol beer.

Alcohol Volume - 2.5% 



Low Carb Beer


Pure Blonde


Pure Blonde is a refreshing, full-flavoured lager with no preservatives and has 80% less carbs then regular beer to deliver an easy drinking light and tasty beer.

Alcohol Volume - 4.9%


Emerson's Super Quench


If you've been mowing your super-long lawn, running super-fast, or out in a super-hot sun, you'll need to super-quench your super-thirst. This Pacific Pilsner has been dry-hopped with NZ and US hops to make it super-tasty, while it's light body and crisp finish make it super-refreshing. Adjust 4% ABV, and 40% lower carbs, you can feel slightly smug too.

Alcohol Volume - 4%